Two Way Sequin Jockstrap

It's going...It's going...It's GONE

Sure, not every sports player will be wearing reversible sequins this season, but step up your own game. To be wore under your jeans on a date, or under your workout shorts at the gym, or on their own on the dance floor of a party, this DiscoJock jock strap will set you apart. The nylon/spandex blend doesn't retain moisture and will keep everything else in prime position. Show off your cheeky side with a twist- of reversible sequins around your waist. Why have only one color when it's fun to flip?

Reversible sequin: Matte Black / Shiny Blue Green

Machine washable

82% nylon/ 18% spandex

S, M, L  

Model is wearing a Small


Currently available for PreSale on our Kickstarter Page.